It all makes sense in hindsight

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.”


I was recalling this quote–though had forgotten its exact wording–while I was writing the previous blog post Letting go without losing control, during this COVID time. At first I was thinking sure we can only live life forwards but, even when we look backwards, will we ever make any sense of this time we are in and what is happening in the world around us? But then I came to believe that we may indeed, it’s just that we may have to look back on it from further in the future.

Maybe from far beyond, before we fully understand. And I guess that is, on a macro scale, similar to other things we experience in life: sometimes we can make retrospective sense of it within days (hours even), but other times it can take a loooong while until we truly understand. There are times when nothing makes sense and all we can do is wait, much like waiting for thick fog to clear and reveal the landscape, and in the meantime be present and not resist the flow.

I decided to kick off my blog on January 1st with a quote of my own, “the easiest and least expensive upgrade is gratitude”. Using that thought was just a whim, an easy way to create immediate content, and I never intended to start a monthly quote feature. But, such as happens when you flow with whatever feels to be the way, it has persisted and now half a year later (wow, the world looks different than on January 1st!)

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