Dangerous Expectations

"Expectation is premeditated disappointment."~ MARGARET WHEATLEY ~ The adjective “pithy” is defined as: precisely meaningful; forceful and brief. And the quote above, from Margaret Wheatley’s book So Far From Home: Lost and Found in Our Brave New World, is a primo example of a pithy observation if there ever was one. Just four words, yet … Continue reading Dangerous Expectations

Yoga Beyond the Mat: The Niyamas

In the last blog I mentioned how, closer to its origins, yoga is more a “philosophy” than the “activity” it has generally become in the Western world. Also in contrast to its Eastern origins, we may be more likely to see our yoga practice as a segmented, part of our day yet somehow separate from … Continue reading Yoga Beyond the Mat: The Niyamas

Yoga Beyond the Mat: The Yamas

The yoga we practice in the Western world is, overall, primarily focused on postures. However, before its introduction to the West, yoga was something much broader—more a philosophy than an activity. Patanjali was an Indian sage responsible for compiling the Yoga Sutras sometime prior to 400 CE. Within the Sutras, Patanjali detailed the Eight Limbs … Continue reading Yoga Beyond the Mat: The Yamas

Reconciling head and heart

"The longest journey is sometimes between your mind and your heart."~ B.K.GOLDTOOTH ~ These words, belonging to Native American activist Tom B.K. Goldtooth, speak to what can sometimes be a great divide, a deep and wide valley to cross as we seek to balance and reconcile two essential elements of our being as humans. On … Continue reading Reconciling head and heart

Appreciating what you’ve got

"The easiest and least expensive upgrade is gratitude."~ NEIL BALDWIN ~ I feel a bit sheepish inaugurating this blog with a quotation of my own devising, but gratitude has been muchly on my mind. Phones, devices, and technology are symptomatic of our tendency to want the latest and greatest. And it extends to so many … Continue reading Appreciating what you’ve got