Open Labyrinth Walk

An Open Labyrinth Walk is an opportunity to walk the labyrinth in the company of other people. They are typically scheduled to occur in conjunction with a seasonal or celestial milestone like solstice, equinox, full moon, etc, or other theme relevant to the community at that time.

The gathering may include some type of ceremony or labyrinth ritual, participation in which is always optional. Or it might simply have some words spoken and shared, after which people are free to walk the labyrinth in their own way, in their own time.

Walking a labyrinth with other people is a different experience than walking solo. Each has its unique elements and charms. In the labyrinth itself people are respectful of others’ mental and emotional space as they move along the path. Though you can be “in your own space” as you walk it, you can’t help but also be aware of other beings around you, and relative to you, and this can provide perspective and insight not found during a solo labyrinth walk.

For most Open Labyrinth Walks, the labyrinth fireball will be lit in the gathering area just beyond the labyrinth entrance. There may be hot water available for tea.


You may want to consider whether there are any questions or pressing issues you want to open for your labyrinth walk. Download the Forest Labyrinth Visitor Guide, which includes some suggestions for ways to enhance your walk.

The gathering area is a nice space to integrate your experiences afterward. You may wish to bring some tea, etc, to relax with, maybe even something to share.

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