Yoga Class: NOVICE

This class is a great introductory experience for anyone who has not tried, or has very little experience with, yoga. You will learn:

  • an overview of what is yoga
  • an explanation of some common yoga terms
  • the typical progression of a yoga class
  • safety considerations for yoga practice

You will be guided through several basic yoga poses of different types (e.g., seated, standing, lying down) AND you’ll cap it off by gently moving into experiencing the powerful but uncomplicated Warrior I pose (shown above).


Duration: about 90 minutes Participants: up to 4 Location: Off-Grid Retreat (indoor-yurt)

Prerequisite: none (suited to those with no yoga experience)


Wear lose or elastic clothing that permits free movement. Bring a warmer layer (e.g., sweater, hoodie, etc.). If you have an exercise or yoga mat of your own, bring it, along with a blanket. Bring a mask.

Aim to arrive 10-15 minutes in advance of class start time. Rushing to yoga works against the purpose of doing it. There is a 3 minute outdoor walk through the forest, along a wide and level path, from the parking area to the yurt.

If this is will be your first Soul Trail yoga class, download the New Student form and the waiver. To save class time spent on administration, read them, sign them, and bring them with you.

How to Arrange

Book a date for a private class. All participants must be part of the same social “bubble” for the purposes of COVID prevention. No public classes will be offered in the foreseeable future.

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