Selected print and online sources for additional background on what SoulTrail does.

Forest Therapy
  • The Nature Fix: Why nature makes us happier, healthier and more creative, by Florence Williams (2017) is a well-researched study of the science behind nature & forest therapy. Written by a journalist, the book is well referenced yet highly readable with many real-life stories illustrating the thread of why nature is so good for us in so many ways.
  • The documentary movie Call of the Forest, follows Canadian ecologist, conservationist and poetic author Diana Beresford-Kroeger as she explains the science of trees and the irreplaceable roles they play in protecting the planet, bolstering our health, and feeding our souls.
  • Vitamin T, article published in the Globe and Mail on the rise of Shinrin-yoku, aka forest bathing, in the western world.
  • Is a Walk in the Forest Better than a Trip to the Doctor? In The Walrus, as Canadian magazine publishing independent fact-based journalism, documents the history of using nature as healing.
Labyrinth Walking
  • Labyrinth: Your Path to Self-Discovery by Tony Christie (2018) is a comprehensive exploration of labyrinths which balances concrete details with esoteric notions and concepts which can straddle both… the book will appeal to left and right sides of the brain!
  • New to the Labyrinth? is a great introduction to labyrinth use by Veriditas, a non-profit organization dedicated to introducing people to the worldwide labyrinth movement and training labyrinth facilitators.
  • The Labyrinth Community Network is an Ontario-based group of labyrinth enthusiasts. Their site includes a large labyrinth directory & list of Labyrinth Facilitators.
  • Lauren Artress, author of the book Walking a Sacred Path: Rediscovering the Labyrinth as a Spiritual Practice (2006), is widely considered the founder of the modern labyrinth movement. Her classic book is a comprehensive backgrounder to past and present, with an emphasis on labyrinth use as a spiritual tool.
Breath-focused Yoga
  • The Breathing Book, by New Zealander Donna Farhi, is a comprehensive exploration of the physical, mental and emotional components of breathing. It includes a wide range exercises, or as she terms them “Inquiries”, and is supported by many illustrations.
  • A brief but descriptive backgrounder on pranayama, “breath control” as part of yoga practice.
  • Not on breath-focused yoga, but more broadly to yoga practice, The Yamas Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice, by Deborah Adele, is a comprehensive yet highly readable exploration of Patanjali’s first two “limbs” of yoga. It includes concrete examples of these 10 practices to integrate yoga on- and off-the-mat.
Personality Insight
  • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is one of the most well-known and widely used personality assessment instruments in the world, first published in 1962 and since then multiple revisions, versions, and ongoing research to support its use and applications.
  • Personality Dimensions is the latest evolution in presenting temperament theory. This Canadian-developed systems builds on research conducted in Canada for over two decades, and the foundations established by the work of Carl Jung, David Keirsey, Linda Berens.