Local Frontline Healthcare Workers Appreciation

So many people in so many work roles have been impacted by the pandemic, but probably none so heavily as front-line healthcare workers. Personally, I have been fortunate not to need their services, but that doesn’t mean I am any less appreciative of the enormous personal sacrifice they have been making on behalf of society. My small gesture of gratitude, which also has a practical restorative function, is to offer these awesome humans a Day Retreat at no cost.


Take advantage of this offer if these 3 criteria describe you:

  • live in Grey or Bruce County; and
  • work in Grey or Bruce County in the healthcare sector, in settings such as: hospital, clinic, physician’s office, out-patient mental health, and public heath; and
  • employed in a front-line occupation such as: physician, nurse (NP, RN, LPN), pharmacist, personal support worker, nurse aide, patient services associate/attendant, as well as occupations in public health that involve regular direct patient/public contact

Day Retreat capacity is 4 people so it is possible, if you wish, for up to 3 others to join you if they all meet the eligibility criteria and they are all part of your regular work social bubble and you all agree to adopt COVID precautions compatible with your work environment.

How to Apply

First, read the Day Retreat description and see if this sounds like something worthwhile for you. If so, fill out a booking inquiry and be sure to check-off the Front-line Healthcare Worker box. I will be in touch by email to confirm eligibility and possible dates. In the meantime, you may want to scan or take a photo of documents which will confirm your home address, work setting and occupational role so we can quickly confirm and reserve a Day Retreat date for you.