Yoga classes and Personality Insight workshops (and when an indoor meeting place is required for Forest Therapy and Labyrinth experiences) take place in a lovely yurt, nestled organically into the forest.

yurt - interior uprightYurts, which have their roots in nomadic Mongolia, are round tents sturdy enough for extended deployment and braving the elements but still able to be packed up and moved. This particular yurt, manufactured in Ontario, is a large 17′ diameter, from 6’ walls rising to 10’ at the centre. A transparent dome lets in lots of light and offers a view of the sky, while 5 giant windows offer a panoramic view and connect you with the forest. The outside skin is breathable water- and wind-proof fabric (not vinyl!); the inside walls are cozy wool felt; the wood frame is made of ash; the floor is off the ground and made of local maple.

Yoga classes are limited to 5 participants to allow space. For workshops and other gatherings, participants should bring a cushion, small stool, blanket or whatever they would find comfortable for sitting.

yurt - interior doorThe yurt is located just steps to the Forest Labyrinth, which is within view through the pines out the window. Take note: there is about 150m walk from where you park to the yurt; and true to the yurt tradition the door is short (5′), and requires a step up/down to get in/out.

yurt - interior all windows open