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The “official” bio, detailing education, experience and so on, is below. But first let me share something more personal with you.

I am a straddler. Through much of my adult life, it seems I often find myself bridging between the poles of contrasting (or even potentially contrary) places, lifestyles, notions and values. A prime example: over ten years ago I sold my conventional house on a 40’ suburban lot in favour of an off-grid homestead surrounded by 50 acres of forest. Friends in the ‘burbs think I’m pretty rustic and woodsy, but my rural neighbours no doubt see me as quite urban and perhaps even a “citiot”. In the same day you might find me playing singing bowls and doing yoga practice, then later wielding an axe splitting firewood. I’ve done hands-on courses like chainsaw operator and master naturalist but also attended labyrinth facilitator training and a shamanic journeying workshop. I’m a detail person, but I look for the big picture. I consider myself spiritual and connected with source but that doesn’t preclude enjoying some good wine or a beer on a sunny day. All-in-all I live by my heart, but on a day-to-day basis it is moderated by my head–though sometimes too much, sometimes not enough!

Getting the picture yet? Let me tell you, having one foot here, one foot there, but rarely both firmly planted in the same spot can feel like both a blessing and a curse. It opens interesting worlds, thoughts, experiences, feelings. But you never feel fully rooted or a part of the spheres of people who inhabit mainly one or the other. I often refer to the notion of “left brain” (i.e., practical, detail, linear, realistic) people and “right brain” (i.e., conceptual, intuitive, possibilities, creative) people. At the ends of that spectrum, it’s the difference between those we describe as “feet on the ground” and those we say are “out there”. Well I’m a bit of both, and that is my gift to share with you.

The experiences I provide through SoulTail, and the core services they are based on, can be useful for pretty much anyone. But I believe that my particular slant on things, and my unique way of being and doing, are especially helpful to the “left brain” folks who want to stretch beyond themselves but still stay rooted, and to the “right brain” people who want to connect with practical application and not simply be a lost pedestrian in the esoteric world.

Bio – Neil Baldwin

Neil combines graduate-level education, professional training, and almost three decades experience as a Counsellor with his longstanding fascination for the natural world to provide a unique approach to helping and personal development, which balances esoteric with pragmatic, and looks both within and beyond the individual.

Neil holds a B.Sc. Hons. (Psychology), and M.Ed. (Counselling), both from University of Toronto. He was granted the Canadian Certified Counsellor designation in 1991 by the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) and until retiring in 2018 maintained it without lapse in accordance with CCPA’s standards of professional conduct and continuing education. He is a Certified Personality Dimensions Facilitator and has extensive experience using a variety of psychometric assessments, including Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Neil worked at Sheridan College in Oakville as a Counsellor for over 25 years, first providing general academic, personal and career counselling and then specializing in life and career counselling. Along with 8 years operating a part-time private practice in career counselling, Neil has provided guidance to 10,000+ clients of every possible age, life stage, and background.

Following a 16 month part-time program, Neil earned a Certificate in Teaching Hatha Yoga, graduating with High Honours from Sheridan College, and has continued his learning with Yoga International courses on Yin Yoga, Mudras, Pranayama, Chakras, and other topics. He has been a Yoga Alliance Registered (RYT-200) teacher since July 2018.

Broadening his learning experience, Neil completed the Ontario Master Naturalist program at Lakehead University, and has completed Labyrinth Facilitator Training by Veriditas in San Francisco.

Neil weaves all this life and work experience into a distinctive perspective that engages mind, body and spirit in an eclectic yet practical way.

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