Personality Insight

Understanding how you characteristically interact with people, and appreciating your similarities and differences with others, can make the difference between feeling in flow or swimming against the current whether at work, with family, in personal relationships, or any type of interpersonal communication.

“Temperament is not a question of being this way OR that way, so much as it is about preferring one way MORE than another, and how strongly.”

What is Personality Insight about, and how can it help?

Personality type and temperament models based on the work of Carl Jung are among the most widely used non-clinical frameworks for exploring the core elements of how people interact with the world around them: how we perceive information, how we make choices, whether we orient more toward structure or openness, and whether we are more at home in our outward or inner domain (introversion/extraversion).

Used properly, assessments like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™ (MBTI) and Personality Dimensions™ do not categorize or pigeon-hole, but instead help people understand degrees of preference and insightful nuances about both themselves and others.

Personality Insight is helpful for anyone who would like to move along life’s path more effectively and more smoothly by better understanding their unique combination of traits, and how they correspond and contrast with those of other people—in communications, in relationships, in values, at home and at work, in family and community.

What does this service look like?

You will complete an official authorized version of the MBTI and/or Personality Dimensions assessments followed by some exercises and activities all with the end goal of better understanding the core elements of personality temperament and making your own self-assessment in advance of reviewing your results profile.

The MBTI assesses personality along 4 double-ended scales, resulting in one of 16 different personality “type” combinations (e.g., ESFP, INTJ, etc). Personality Dimensions assesses temperament to prioritize one’s preference for each of four styles (Organized Gold, Authentic Blue, Inquiring Green, Resourceful Orange). For links to further detail see Resources page.

You will gain valuable insight on the characteristics, needs, skills, values, strengths and potential challenges of your personality style, plus an awareness of where you sit on the introvert-extravert spectrum and what might best energize you from that place. You will have opportunity to discuss applications of personality temperament to career, family, relationships, conflict and communication, or whatever is most relevant to what’s on your path.

Who provides you this service?

Neil Baldwin has been a professional user of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™ since 1992. In 2004 he was also certified as a Personality Dimensions™ Facilitator. Neil has used these personality exploration instruments with thousands of clients spanning a wide range of ages and life stages to help them better manage their careers, relationships, and a wide variety of interpersonal dynamics. Read full bio.

How do you access this service?

Personality Insight (either with the MBTI or Personality Dimensions assessments) is offered as one of the experiences to choose from during a Day Retreat. It is also available to guests staying at Off Grid Retreat. It is not available as a standalone service. View all Experience Descriptions.

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