Most of these services are offered within the context of a Day Retreat, a loosely-structured day of peace and quietude centred around exclusive use of a bright, airy yurt in the middle of a large private woodland with varied forest areas and contemplative features.

Forest Therapy – Also called Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing, this gently-structured practice fuses spending slow time in woodland areas, nature exploration, and elements of mindfulness to promote presence, calm, well-being and innate natural healing. »»

Labyrinth Walking – Distinct from a maze, labyrinths have only one path to follow which allows the analytical thinking mind to slow and intuition to emerge. Called “walking meditation” and sometimes considered a “spiritual tool”, labyrinths have been found to cultivate peace, surrender and clarity on matters that weigh on us. »»

Better Breathing – We’ve been breathing ever since birth, thousands of times a day, without a thought. But that doesn’t mean it has improved over time, nor that we do it well. Yet this automatic body function can also be modified through voluntary control. »»

Breath-focused Yoga  – Yoga is more than a physical practice. With an emphasis on breath work and foundational postures, it opens the door to being more grounded, better connected with your body, mind and spirit, and more present with yourself. »»

Personality Insight – Understanding how you characteristically interact with people, and appreciating your similarities and differences with others, can make the difference between feeling in flow or swimming against the current whether at work, with family, in personal relationships, or any type of interpersonal communication. »»