Almost everyone has heard of yoga and has some notion of what it is. Probably one of the most widespread practices in the world after prayer and worship, yoga takes innumerable forms and there really is no authoritative way to define it other than to generally say it is a practice which aims to unify body, mind and spirit.

Breathing is the key guiding element to the yoga I teach, and the yoga I practice everyday. It is integrated into each yoga posture and the movements between them. My yoga approach tends toward:

  • being a practice, not a workout
  • avoiding complex or highly finessed asanas in favour of foundational poses which permit stability of the body
  • harmonizing breathing with movement
  • being unhurried, though not plodding, and allowing for time spent experiencing postures
  • focuses on cultivating a solid foundation for postures to provide space for mindful breathing to exist
  • being gentle while still offering challenge

Asanas, the poses, are an essential part of doing yoga but for it be something more than just a stretching exercise or physical workout requires broadening the scope of practice. Breathing, for example, is such a core component of being alive as a human and yet many of us have allowed our breathing to become far from optimal—and this can affect us not just on a physical level but mentally and spiritually too.

Yoga is personal. Like eating, we all have our preferences, tastes and needs. Check out the menu items on this page to learn more about me and my yoga to determine whether it’s a good fit for you.

Yoga Classes

You can book a private class at the novice, beginner or intermediate level for 1-5 people, all of whom must be in the same household or social “bubble”. Classes take place in the forest yurt. In consideration of COVID safety, no public classes will be offered in the foreseeable future.

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