Breath-Focused Yoga

Almost everyone has heard of yoga and has some notion of what it is. Probably one of the most widespread practices in the world after prayer and worship, yoga takes innumerable forms and there really is no authoritative way to define it other than to generally say it is a practice which aims to connect body, mind and spirit.

“A yogi’s life is not measured by the number of his days, but the number of his breaths.”

B.K.S. Iyengar
What is Breath-Focused YOGA, and how can it help?

Yoga is most commonly known in the Western world for its physical postures, “asanas”, stretching exercises to build flexibility, strength, coordination, balance and stamina. While asana is a fundamental part of doing yoga, for it be something more than just a stretching exercise requires broadening the practice to venture more deeply inside and outside oneself.

Breathing, for example, is such a core component of being alive as a human and yet many of us have allowed our breathing to become far from optimal—and this can affect us not just on a physical level but mentally and spiritually too. Effective, adaptable breathing helps us live well and feel well. Asanas provide foundation for breathing practices, and mindful breathing helps us connect with the physical experience of being in our body.

What does this service look like?

Breath-focused yoga is essentially regular Hatha yoga but with an emphasis on breath as a key element integrated into each yoga posture and the movements between them. The yoga I teach and guide you through is:

  • is a practice, not a workout
  • is gentle yet still offers challenge
  • avoids complex or highly finessed asanas in favour of traditional foundational poses which permit stability of the body
  • harmonizes breathing with movement
  • tends to be unhurried, though not plodding, and allow for time spent experiencing postures

For more detail, visit the SoulTrail Yoga sub-site.

Who Provides you this service?

Neil is a Yoga Alliance™ certified RYT-200™ yoga teacher. He completed the Teaching Hatha Yoga certificate in-person at Sheridan College, Oakville ON, a 16 month program consisting of 144 practical (asana/practical) class hours and 144 theory (yoga theory) class hours. Neil has also completed 50-hour Bhakti Yoga Teacher Training in-person at Deva Tree School of Yoga and Advanced Pranayama & Physiology of Breath Teacher Training through Awakened Spirit Yoga School. Read Neil’s yoga journey to learn more about his background.

How do you access this service?

Breath-focused yoga is offered (at an Introductory, Beginner or Intermediate level, and Pranayama) as one of the experiences to choose from during a Day Retreat. It is not available as a standalone service. View all Experience Descriptions.

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