Better the devil you do know

It’s a bit eerie the way online streaming service Spotify learns your music tastes and feeds new content likely to appeal. It must have been picking up on my current indie-kirtan-ambient-yoga-ethereal vibe when it played a track by East Forest titled “Grandmothersphere”. As it begins, lush music fades in with a dreamy voiceover asking “do … Continue reading Better the devil you do know

Preparing for the unexpected

"It’s good to prepare. But also prepare for things not to go as prepared."~ LELAND SURETTE ~ Leland Surette I’m sure many people have spoken many variations of this phrase but the first time I heard it used in that succinct form was at a mindfulness and the labyrinth retreat by the beautiful western sea … Continue reading Preparing for the unexpected

Building your fire of motivation

"Large fires start small."~ SMOKEY THE BEAR ~ A well-known adage about forest fires, and commonly seen on materials promoting outdoor fire safety, it is simple, concise and true. The vast majority of raging bush fires got their start as a stray campfire ember, a spark from machinery, or a carelessly discarded cigarette butt. Forest … Continue reading Building your fire of motivation

It all makes sense in hindsight

"Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards."~ SØREN KIERKEGAARD ~ I was recalling this quote--though had forgotten its exact wording--while I was writing the previous blog post Letting go without losing control, during this COVID time. At first I was thinking sure we can only live life forwards but, even … Continue reading It all makes sense in hindsight

Do we want to go “back” to normal?

"In the rush to return to normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to."~ DAVE HOLLIS ~ As governments, leaders, and the broad population, begin looking ahead to the COVID world past the hump of "the curve" it might also be worthwhile to look back at the past … Continue reading Do we want to go “back” to normal?

At this time, who will you choose to be?

  Back in January a good friend put me on to an author named Margaret Wheatley, who had recently been a guest on the CBC radio programme Tapestry. What hooked me in was the author asking, “the real question now is: as things get worse and worse, what is right action? What do we do?  … Continue reading At this time, who will you choose to be?