Better Breathing: INTRODUCTORY

“A brand new idea that’s 2500 years old.” This experience is a great choice if you want to better understand what is going on when you breathe (useful to know, seeing as you do it thousands of times a day!) and ways you can modify breathing to affect how you feel as well as overall well-being. Topics covered:

  • basic anatomy & physiology of the breathing process
  • importance of exhalation, and role of the diaphragm
  • functioning of the autonomic nervous system
  • attributes of better breathing, and why it is helpful

In addition to the knowledge, this is a practical skill-development experience. You will try different breathing variations and, in particular, learn the resonant breathing technique which has been found to have physiological effects similar to meditation.


Duration (approx): 1½ hours Participants: 1 – 4

Availability: as part of a Day Retreat (not available as standalone experience)

Further infoabout this service and the instructor


What to wear. Lose or elastic clothing that permits free movement. It is helpful to have a warmer layer (e.g., sweater, hoodie, etc.) you can remove or put back on to adjust to any changes in temperature from breathing exercises.

What to bring. A blanket that can be folded to provide a cushioned floor mat and (if you have one) a meditation cushion or anything else that helps you sit in an upright position.

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