Experience The Chakras

The idea of “energy centres” has existed within almost every ancient culture of the world, the 7 Chakras (based on Hindu tradition) being probably the most widely known. While its roots are in ancient thought, the notion has solidly withstood the test of time and continues to be broadly employed in the modern world as we seek to better understand ourselves, and the connections to and from us, beyond what can be plainly seen.

You will get a broad orientation to the chakras system—what it is and how it functions—and learn detailed attributes, characteristics, and archetypes associated with each chakra, as well as symptoms of excess or deficient energy and ways to rebalance them.

Our exploration of each chakra will include some sort of experiential exercise, which may include activities like breathing, meditation, movement, journaling, visualization and (if you practice yoga) asana/poses.

Each participant will receive a 16 page booklet profiling each chakra and a master reference chart of of yoga asana by chakras.


Duration: 2-2½ hours          Participants: 1-5          Weather Dependent: No

Availability & Cost:

as a Standalone Servicefor Off-Grid Retreat Guestspart of SoulTrail Day Retreat
not available$125 flat rateincluded
make request direct to hostmore about Day Retreat

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