Forest Bathing: INTRODUCTORY

This experience is a great hands-on introduction to the practice of forest therapy, also known as shinrin-yoku (or its direct translation “forest bathing”), which will include:

  • background and science behind forest therapy
  • basic concepts of forest therapy practice
  • at least 3 beginner-level guided exercises (in forest therapy termed “invitations” to highlight that there is no particular way they must be carried out and that you may interpret and do them in your own way)
  • a concluding tea ceremony


Duration: 2½-3 hours      Participants: up to 12      Weather Dependent: Yes

Availability & Cost:

as a Standalone Servicefor Off-Grid Retreat Guestspart of SoulTrail Day Retreat
$125+$10/person$95 flat rateincluded
make booking inquirymake request direct to hostmore about Day Retreat

Further Info: about this service and the guide


If you have any physical movement limitations please advise at time of booking.

What to wear. Dress in whatever is comfortable and permits free movement. The terrain is level, and we won’t be covering any big distance, so footwear need not be for “hiking”, just for ambling. In winter, sufficient warm clothing is strongly advised since forest bathing moves at a slower pace.

What to bring. You may wish to bring a journal and pen for recording some reflections. If you are not comfortable sitting directly on the ground and/or against a tree, bring a small, portable seat/stool/mat of some sort. Please do not bring your dog. Please do bring an open mind :-) Forest bathing is a different way of interacting with the natural world than you may be used to… but it is also easy going, you’ll be guided with instructions, and there is no right or wrong way to do it.

  • Group sitting in circle around firepit.

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