Personality Insight: Temperament (4 colours)

This experience is all about understanding yourself, and people around you, better. Temperament theory, based on the work of Carl Jung, is oriented around 4 primary personality temperaments, or styles, often represented by colours (organized gold, authentic blue, inquiring green, resourceful orange). It’s not about pigeon-holing yourself into one of them but about determining your particular hierarchy of them: which is the captain of your ship, the second in command, and so on.

You will complete an official authorized version of Personality Dimensions, a Canadian-developed temperament assessment with substantial research behind it. It’s not just filling out a paper-and-pencil “test” but also a series of brief exercises and activities that come together to offer you with a comprehensive appraisal of your temperament in a way that can help you interact more effectively with the people around you in all contexts of your life.

You will gain valuable insight on the characteristics, needs, skills, values, strengths and potential challenges of your particular colour combination, including where you sit on the introvert-extravert spectrum and what might best energize you from that place. Within the time available, you will have opportunity to discuss applications of personality type to career, family, relationships, conflict and communication, or whatever is most relevant to what’s on your path.


Duration: 2-2½ hours (including assessment completion time) Participants: 1 – 5

Availability & Cost

as a Standalone Servicefor Off-Grid Retreat Guestspart of SoulTrail Day Retreat
not available$150 +$25/person materials feeincluded
make request direct to hostmore about Day Retreat

Further infoabout this service and the facilitator

™ Personality Dimensions is a registered trademark of Career/LifeSkills Resources Inc.

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