This class is a great introduction to yoga for anyone who has never tried, or has very little experience with, it. You will learn:

  • an overview of what yoga is and isn’t
  • an explanation of some common yoga terms
  • the typical progression of a yoga class
  • safety considerations for yoga practice

You will be guided through several basic yoga poses of different types (e.g., seated, standing, lying down) AND you’ll cap it off by gently moving into experiencing the powerful but uncomplicated Warrior I pose (shown above).


Duration: 1½ hrs          Participants: 1-5          Weather Dependent: No (in yurt)

Availability & Cost:

as a Standalone Servicefor Off-Grid Retreat Guestspart of SoulTrail Day Retreat
not availablenot availableincluded
more about Day Retreat

Further infoabout this service and the instructor


What to wear. Lose or elastic clothing that permits free movement plus a warmer layer (e.g., sweater, hoodie, etc.) for portions of the class when you are less mobile.

What to bring. If you have an exercise or yoga mat of your own, bring it, along with a blanket. Yoga mats can be provided on request. To make best use of time, download & print, read & sign, and bring these 2 forms with you.

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