Yoga: Pranayama

The most widely known practice of yoga in the West is asana, which is the postures that come to mind when we think of “yoga”. Pranayama is another practice of yoga (in fact, there are 8 practices, or “limbs”, of yoga detailed in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras) which involves specific methods of breathing and breath control. Pranayama is sometimes peppered into asana practice (e.g., Ujjayi aka “ocean breath”) but can also be practiced on its own.

This experience is a great overview of pranayama, and suitable whether this is something brand new or you have had a bit of exposure to it already. The session covers:

  • explaining pranayama and how it fits into the broad practice of “yoga”
  • outlining the basic physiological process of breathing
  • definitions of common pranayama terms like brahmana, langhana, puraka, rechaka, vritti, kumbhaka, illustrated with practical exercises
  • discussion, and practice, of inhale/exhale and hold ratios

Then you will be lead through a brief pranayama practice, developed based on your particular level of experience and background, which will include several methods. You will also receive a reference chart summarizing methods, including those you explored during the session.


Duration (approx): 1½ hours          Participants: 1 – 4         Weather Dependent: No

Availability & Cost:

as a Standalone Servicefor Off-Grid Retreat Guestspart of SoulTrail Day Retreat
not availablenot availableincluded
more about Day Retreat

Further infoabout this service and the instructor


What to wear. Lose or elastic clothing that permits free movement. It is helpful to have a warmer layer (e.g., sweater, hoodie, etc.) you can remove or put back on since some pranayama practices are warming, while others are cooling.

What to bring. If you have a yoga mat of your own, bring it. If this is your first SoulTrail Yoga class, to make best use of time please download & print, read & sign, and bring these 2 forms with you.

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